We know that indexing in SharePoint doesn’t index PDF files. because PDF Files are not products for Microsoft. SharePoint only searches documents that there is an Ifilter released by Microsoft for them such as : .docx, .xlsx, .one

So we now know that .pdf is not supported by default in SharePoint. So we need to install the Ifilter for pdf on our server.

Once you download it, make the setup and then IISRESET.

So we have the Ifilter installed on our server, now we need to tell SharePoint to start indexing pdf files.

Open Central Administration >> Application Management >> Manage Service Applications

Then Choose Search Service Application. At the left navigation you will find a link called “File Types” under crawling category. which means the file types that are going to be indexed by SharePoint, click it.. You will see a page with all file types that are going to be indexed.

Click New File Type, and enter PDF.

Now SharePoint is going to index your PDF files. Note that when SharePoint searches for a word document it will view the word icon beside the documents. But when searching for PDF document it will not view the PDF icon beside the results because PDF icon is not listed in list of icons that SharePoint recognize.

So we have one more thing to do to make this perfect!

We’ll add PDF icon, you can get this one. 

Name it pdfimage.jpg and save in 14TemplateImages

Now navigate to 14TemplateXML and search for a document called DOCICON.XML, open it in a text editor tool, you are going to see a tag called <ByExtension>. This tag contains records for icons supported by SharePoint like ppt for Microsoft PowerPoint and key name one for Microsoft OneNote. We will have to add a key for PDF files, so just add this record <Mapping Key= “pdf” Value= “pdfimage.jpg”/> (you can see that this file looks up images from the images folder). save the file. Now try to search for a document with PDF type, you will find that the icon appears.

Have a nice search ! 🙂