How to rename Add new item in lists.

There is a requirement that is requested so much to change the Add new item label in SharePoint lists to something meaningful. The good about these labels is that they have an ID that you can play with using JavaScript. Each of SharePoint lists has ID that is different from a list to another.

For the custom list you have the ID= idHomePageNewItem,  for document libraries it is = idHomePageNewDocument, you can know the exact ID using the IE developer tool or the Firebug in Firefox.

To change the label, use JavaScript, you get the ID of the anchor and change the innerText property. The code is like this:


document.getElementById(‘idHomePageNewItem’).innerText= “my new text”;

That’s it.

2 thoughts on “How to rename Add new item in lists.

    1. If you want to edit your text in a single list, you can edit the list’s page and insert a content editor, and place your code in this webpart, don’t place it in your master page, it will change all links with this ID in all lists if they are referencing the master page, if that’s what you need; then place it in the master page.

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