One of the most used SharePoint web parts is the quick links web part, but I feel like people really underestimate its capabilities when it comes to how you can change its look in your SharePoint pages. For me, it’s one of those web parts that I call as Swiss-knife web parts.

The power of the Quick Links web part is in its different layout combined with how it adapts based on the section where it exists as well as the ability to include gif images which makes them attractive – when using the right gif image that is!

Quick Links web part has 6 layout options:

When adding a link, you can choose to include an icon or an image for that link. In the examples in this article I will be using a web part with 4 links for 4 different animals, each one with its own image.

Compact Layout

We can see the Compact Layout when used in a vertical section like this:

However when it’s used in a two columns section layout:

If you provide it the whole width, it will look like this:

Filmstrip Layout

Vertical Section

Two columns section layout:

One-third right section layout (added to the left):

If you provide it with the full width, it will show all four images and hide the arrows. If you add one more link, it will start showing the arrows again and allow you to scroll.

Grid Layout:

Grid layout in a vertical section:

Two columns section layout:

One-third right section layout (added to the left):

List Layout:

Vertical section: With no description – No Icons:

Two columns section layout:

Two columns section layout space with no icons:

Tiles Layout:

Fill space property

 It would look like this in a vertical section:

And two columns section layout:

Button Layout:

With descriptions – Fill color – No icon:

Two columns section layout, no outline, icon on top:

One-third right section layout (added to the right) :

As we see, the same web part with the same layout would look different depending on the section layout where it’s placed. How it looks in a two columns section would look different from one-third section.

I have a created a very short video to show different options that might give you an idea of the possible things to do with the quick links web part: