Launch of

Since the launch of Apptex Add-in for SharePoint, we’ve seen people who were excited to use it, and we received many comments and “reported bugs” in the initial release that we had to work on. Currently, we are in the process of launching a second release with more features “more templates” and bug fixes.

We appreciate the help of the community who were trying this add-in in their projects, and who got back to us with suggestions and compliments, and now.. we’re glad to announce the launch of which will be the hub for all the modifications and new features we’ll have, plus more add-ins to come 😉

Remember, this add-in is free to use, and dedicated to the community, so feel free to download your copy and try it out.


The release of Apptex Views SharePoint App

I’m glad to announce the release of Apptex Views for SharePoint, an App dedicated to styling SharePoint 2013 list views to make it so simple for users to apply their favorite designs in no time!

Here is a demo of how it works:



For more info and questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on our codeplex page:

We’re looking for sponsors to sponsor our App, if you’re interested, feel free to contact us directly on our Emails or through our codeplex page as well.

Happy SharePointing!